Living Room Legends Scavenger Hunt

A lively, unique, and interactive game that gets you off your feet and outside your comfort zone to complete creative, challenging, and wacky missions - for points!

Scavenge not only your home or office but your imagination too! Use random objects in fun new ways! Show off your artistic, improv, multi-tasking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills…and other hidden talents!

60 min
5 - 30 ppl
  • Category: Games
  • Technology: Videocall software
  • Hosting options: Facilitated by our professional hosts
  • Availability: 24/7


All participants connect to a video call in which the host receives them. Throughout the experience, participants can interact at any time.

Preparation requirements:

  • Sharing the video call link with participants.

Player needs:

  • Computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. Access to videocall software (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet...).

It includes:

  • Event host.

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