A Boost is all it takes

Remote work has been a renowned tendency for years and its popularity has grown exponentially since the 2020 global pandemic. The digitalisation of jobs and business in a general sense has led to a situation where some companies find no point in having a physical workplace.

Despite all its benefits, switching to remote is not an easy task. Companies need to shape their work culture around remote work and creating a sense of belonging becomes a great challenge.

Remote Boost allows distributed workforces to maintain high levels of engagement by offering virtual activities that make employees connect with each other. Fun environments at work are fundamental to fostering healthy relationships with colleagues and making everyone feel part of the same team.

Who is behind Remote Boost?

Remote Boost is a product of Teaming Labs, a Barcelona based company specialized in creating digital teambuilding experiences for events.

We define ourselves as a passionate team of game enthusiasts that want to unite the worlds of work and play. We love to deliver amusing experiences that align with our client’s needs and leave a lasting impact on the participants that enjoy them.

We have a pragmatic approach to work optimizing any process we can without leaving behind a close and caring communication with our clients. However, we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously so jokes and silly debates are more than welcome.

Although we have a central office in La Garriga, Spain, our team is distributed around the world. If you are interested in working with us, send us your CV at reservas@teaminglabs.com.



And... How did we get here?

The company started creating technological games for corporate events back in 2019. SYNERGYK was the first game release for the spanish corporate event market, it is a mix between a videogame and a portable escape room designed to train the teamwork capabilities of groups up to 150 ppl.

Then the fire nation attacked global pandemic struck in 2020 and the business pivoted to the creation of virtual experiences for online events with Escaping.io. It is a platform that hosts live online escape room competitions for virtual events.

In 2021, after running more than 350 events for companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Nestlé or DHL, we saw the notable impact they had on remote teams and detected the need for a more complete and recurrent employee engagement service. And so, Remote Boost was born.

Meet the Team


Jordi Figols

Co-Founder | COO

Jordi Soley

Co-Founder | CTO

Elena Pérez

Content & Comms

Martí Parés