Cooking a real Paella

Do you want to learn the tricks to cook an authentic paella? Have the ingredients at hand and dare to do it with an expert in paellas. Our chef will have everything ready in the kitchen of his restaurant, next to the beach of Barceloneta. Let yourself be carried away by his art between stoves, his good humor, and taste an authentic paella.

60 min
5-30 ppl
  • Category: Cooking
  • Technology: Any videocall software
  • Hosting options: Facilitated by a Spanish chef
  • Availability: Specific schedules


All participants connect to a video call from their cooking space with the ingredients prepared.
Participants will follow the chef guidelines in order to cook along and will be able to interact anytime."

Preparation requirements:

  • Sharing the video call link with participants.
  • Ingredient preparation by every attendee.

Player needs:

  • Cooking space, ingredients and basic cooking equipment.
  • Computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Access to videocall software (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet...).

It includes:

  • Event host and cook along support.
  • Secret recipe with adaptable quantities.

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