Virtual Social

This live virtual contest makes colleagues bond with a series of challenges like Pictionary, Trivia, Buzz In or Fact Matching.
The activity is held on a game platform where participants can see each other at all times and everything will be facilitated by a host. Every minigame will challenge teams in different ways for a fun and laid-back experience.
All the game content is designed to get participants to get to know each other better and generate truthful interactions among them.

60 min
5-30 ppl
  • Category: Virtual Game
  • Technology: Game platform with built-in video calls
  • Hosting options: Facilitated by our professional hosts
  • Availability: 24/7


Participants connect to a web-based videocall platform where the host will be waiting for them. In the lobby, the host will present the activity and split players into teams.
Then, the group will be playing different short minigames where players will have to join efforts with their teammates.
The activity will finish with a team portrait and a wrap-up from the host.
This activity has a modular format so it can easily accommodate any pace or time restriction.

Preparation requirements:

  • Sharing the game link with participants.

Player needs:

  • Computer or laptop.
  • Access to an internet browser (preferably Google Chrome).

It includes:

  • Event host and facilitation during the game.
  • Access to the web based game platform.
  • Customization of the game platform with the client's corporate logo.

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