Life in Venice

Venice is a unique city, but what is life like in such a dreamy city? We will accompany Giovanna on her daily walk, meeting a gondolier before crossing the Grand Canal. We will visit the market and ask local vendors on the Rialto Bridge about Carnival masks.
And as a final cherry on top: the place where Galileo observed the firmament. Art, history and dolce vita.

60 min
5-30 ppl
  • Category: Culture
  • Technology: Any videocall software
  • Hosting options: Facilitated by a Venice local
  • Availability: Specific schedules


All participants connect to a videocall where the host will receive them. During the whole experience, participants will be able to interact anytime.

Preparation requirements:

  • Sharing the video call link with participants.

Player needs:

  • Computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Access to video call software (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet...).

It includes:

  • Professional host for the event.

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